Using Trade show Displays to Market Banner Stand Trends


Trade show displays are great places to show case your business, ideas, products and for overall entertainment.  They are used by many different industries. You find a tradeshow for everything from guns to jewelry and everything in between.  No longer are tradeshows just local town or mom and pop shows once in a while.  They are major sell out events for some industries such as electronics, car shows and for selling cattle.

trade show displays

While most people attend these events for the products they sell and promote others enjoy going simply to see the flashy displays. No longer are Trade show banner displays just a typical booth setup with samples and brochures. The booths being set up today are designed full of color, various banner, music, special lighting and even celebrities promoting products. Any new trends in banner displays will almost always show up at a tradeshow.

Every year banner displays change in styles and in size.  It seems the larger the vendor is the bigger their displays are. Many of the bigger marketers showcase their products using a combination of displays.  While banner stands are still used to promote items, they are no longer just simple banner flags or signs.  They are often now combined with background lighting in different colors, larger back drop signs and even have a model or two promoting product goods.

Today’s banner stand displays are setup to bring you closer to the products or ideas being sold.  Promoters will create the displays with the product in mind.  Colors will match products.  Logos will be company logos or images. The wording often pushes out the new themes or catch phrases that will be used in marketing their goods.

It is not unheard of to walk up to a tradeshow booth, watch a video or listen to a full audio presentation and take away a pamphlet or free sample.  New banner displays can be created to fully handle all of these advertising modes. They have full integration with audio and video setups.  Large back drop banners are used as movie screens showing commercials or short videos for a company.  Pamphlets or flyers don’t have to be handed out anymore. Displays now come with pamphlet holders or shelving to play these items on.  Shelving is also used to add more decorations to a display.  They can be used to display business items or even freebies to be given away.

So no matter what kind of banner display you are looking for, it can be designed to meet your needs.  If you want something simple, then that can be done as well. The only limitations to a trade show display are whatever you imagination can conceive.

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