Increase Sales Using Retail Banner Stands Los Angeles

Making use of a banner stands in Los Angeles or pop up display can highlight any retail establishment. Marketing special or promotions can make shopping more interesting as the customer will thrill at a potential for cost savings. A retail banner is a must have any type of retail store whether it is a small mom and pop store or a high end department store.

retractable banner stand

If you are looking to market an upcoming sale or use it to welcome buyers near the entrance, a banner stands is a pleasant sight to see.

Banners have acquired wide use in the retail world. They may be bought in major cities like Los Angeles to San Diego. Banners have contributed to the achievement of many retail establishments.

Some store uses of stands or pop up displays include:

• Promoting store discount rates • Back to school sales • After Thanksgiving Black Friday Sales • Holiday offers and sales • Point of buy areas • Welcome signage • Perfume exhibit promotions • Grand opening display • Outdoor banner flags

There are 2 basic types of banner stands most retail places use, either a retractable banner stand or a double sided display stand.

Double sided display stands can feature fabric or vinyl banners. The banner frame changes in height to accommodate different sizes of banners, as well as the allotted display place for the banner stand. Another reason it is a common choice in the retail industry is not just its high end visual aesthetic, but the ease in changing the printed message with a replacement banner.

Double sided display stands can show two messages at once. It is designed so that a retailer can simply change up the promotional message for each new marketing initiative or sale with the purchase of a new banner.

Benefits of double sided banner stands:

• Double-sided graphic visibility • Easy and quick setup process • Adjustable support pole telescopes in height • Light-weight and portable to simple use • Easy to change out banner messages while saving money

Retractable Banner stands

Retractable banner stands in Los Angeles are quite possibly the most popular banner stands Los Angeles around. It's a favorite for a range of marketers especially at trade exhibitions. These guys set up fairly fast and are easy to use. They don’t cost as much as other banner. Their pull-up design sets up instantly and stores the banner within the base when it's not assembled for very careful storage and transportation. Retractable banner stands come in a variety of styles and sizes. This gives buyers a lot of flexibility when choosing a banner stand for their businesses. Retractable banners can be updated with the purchase of replacement banners a couple of times, but typically not on a regular basis since the leader in the base of the display can become worn or ripped by repeatedly adhering and taking off each poster.

Benefits of retractable banner stands:

• Single and double-sided units readily available • They are made to be user friend • Retractable banner stands setup and take down within minutes • Lightweight and compact and can fit anywhere for traveling • Great for customer draw at high traffic areas • Can be updated with purchase of replacement posters

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