Tips to Make Your Banners display Out

banner-displays-1Banner displays can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Depending on the business you are in, using a banner displays can have many functions in your business. So you want to create them in a way that will make them stand out and attract the most attention.

If you are using a banner display at a tradeshow you should set it up to where it will attract the most attention. Having a large back drop banner would be an ideal eye catcher to any participant anywhere on the tradeshow floor. Once a participant is locked in to your booth you can then push the focus on to other banner displays you may have.


The first thing people will notice is the overall design and message on the banner. You need to be mindful of how these are created. Using the proper coloring and lettering makes all the difference if a person will stick around long enough to check out your business further. It has been proven that over bearing graphic designs will confuse people and they won’t be receptive to your message as they will focus on your pictures for too long. Overly bright colors and irritate the eyes and people will move on.

Choosing a banner flag for an outside business is great. Its large size will be very eye catching. If you want to advertise a restaurant or storefront, using a flag with bright colors and big letters will work.

No matter what kind of banner you use whether it is a table top display banner or a roll up banner, the message you are trying to convey should be clear. Use simple wording and nothing to hard to read. Too much information will disinterest a reader. Make banners with simple graphics or logos that are pertinent to your business. At first glance the graphic is what most people notice first before the banner display message. This is true especially if they are driving by your business in a car.

Make sure to use fonts that are reading on your banners. Even the large back drop displays should be carefully designed. Cursive or other graphic fonts and lettering does not always look good on a banner. Even when using banner flags you always use clear readable fonts. Some times not using a lot of banner space is the best. Keeping your messages clear and your graphics simple is the best way to go.

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