Making Tradeshow Banners Stand Out

Three blank vertical billboardsA tradeshow is one of the best open market places for selling a business, idea or product. You’ll have an audience of hundreds if not thousands of people. Everyone will be looking around checking out the business booths to see what people have to offer. You want to make your booth stand out any way you can to pull people in and show them what you got. Banner stands are great attention grabbers for just that purpose.

There are many kinds of banner stands you can utilize at a tradeshow. There are roll up banners, retractable banner stands, table top banners and even backdrop banner stands. Using one model or even pairing up one or two is a great advertising strategy. But how do you choose which banner stand to use? That should ultimately be based on what it is you are trying to convey to a passerby.


Most tradeshow booths allow businesses a standard 10 by 10 space to use any way they want. So this may limit you to using smaller banner stands. There are occasions when you can have a larger spot or buy two booths side by side. This gives you more room to put your business on display. More space means you can have more tables, more displays and larger banner stands.

If you decide to go with a retractable banner stand floor model you have a bit more flexibility on what you can put on it. Graphics should be simple but convey your message clearly. You want an image that pops out but not overwhelming. Choose colors that match with your product schemes. Don’t use any color too bright but nice and inviting.

Where you place your banner stands makes a difference as well. If your space is large enough to use a back drop banner stand then by all means go that route. Your booth will sure be noticed across the room. Also using a subtle lighting around a table top stand can make a statement. Using props with your banner stands adds to their uniqueness. Displaying a nice picture or graphic on a table top stand is good. But adding in video or an audio recording telling a story about the picture can do wonders. This will not only grab attention from tradeshow attendees but they will stick around longer.

There are so many creative options you have for using a tradeshow banner. The only limitation to what you can do lies within your imagination. Banner stands can be the back bone of your tradeshow experience. You just have to decide how.

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