What to Know before Buying or Using Pop up Displays

A pop up displays can be a major enhancement to your trade show display. Everyone is using them these days. They are literally everywhere from trade shows to shopping malls. Before you buy one there are some things you need to know. pop up banners The first thing you need to consider is where to buy your pop up display from. There are many retail outlet stores that design and sell banner stands. However there are hundreds more that can be found on the internet. Very often their prices are cheap and they give volume discounts. The quality may be questionable though, so you need to use caution when buying a banner stand sight unseen. Pop up banner come as either a flat back product or curved. Most people prefer them curved as they can display more information. Curved banner stands are also more stable than a flat wall frame unit. Choosing the right frame can be difficult on a pop up display santa clara. You get to pick from either a self or manual locking frame. Self locking is usually best as they come with fewer pieces to worry about. This can save you tons of time when having to set up your banner. The construction of your banner frame should be carefully considered. There are two options basically available for you to use either aluminum or plastic. Aluminum is often best as it is stronger and more durable. Also it will last over time. Plastic is cheap and cost effective. However it can break easier and won’t last a long time. Be sure the pop up display you pick comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. Warranties are not given on most products especially those purchased online. However if you look carefully you will find some banner stand companies that will replace or fix your banner with no questions asked. Always look for some sort of warranty even if it is limited by any means. Choose a pop up display that is easy to work with and set up. Learn how to use your banner stand products before you go to an event or trade show. There is nothing worse than getting your products and not know how to do a set up or a takedown of your display. You only get a limited amount of time to set up your booths at tradeshows. So you don’t want to waste all your morning trying to figure out how to set up a retractable banner stand.

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