Features of roll up banners

Features-of-roll-up-bannersEveryone knows that roll up banners are great for advertising, tradeshows and other special events like weddings. With so many roll up banner models available on the market how do you choose the right one? You need to look at the many features a roll up banner has before you make a decision. Then depending on your needs you can pick the roll up banner that is right for you.

One major feature of banner stands is that they come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can get them in large vertical sizes. Those are great for floor model advertising. You can set them up at trade show, outside your company’s office lobby or anywhere you need large print banner displays. The height and widths can vary depending on how much you want to display on them. Some can be very wide or tall or a combination.


Table top banners are great for use when you are limited in space for displays. However if you are creative with space usage you can use a table top banners in conjunction with other advertising means such as a video or recording. A table top banner stand can be placed on counter tops too. Some are so lightweight and portable you can even hang them on a wall.

Another great feature of a banner stand is its compactness. Banner stands or retractable roll up banners fold up easily for transport. They can be taken anywhere unlike larger displays that are harder to assemble and disassemble. Roll up banner stands are lightweight to carry too. You have no heavy metal frames to worry about carrying. The newer models are made for efficiency and are easy to use.

Banner stands are made out of various fabric types. The fabrics are long lasting and made of good quality material. They won’t curl or fade like plastic or cardboard displays. They can be cleaned easily and are scratch resistant. They display graphics with more color vibrancy.

The best feature of a rollup banner is the cost. Advertising can be very expensive depending on what methods you are using. Purchasing a retractable or roll up banner can save you tons of money. Banner stand display models vary in cost starting at $100 or less for small or table top banners. For larger retractable banner stands or large backdrop stands the cost is from $100-500. In any case they are still less expensive than other advertising display products.

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