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Banners come in all kinds of sizes, suited to every occasion, place, durability and need. Not every banner size is fit to fulfill every purpose that is why we have a fair amount of variety in dimensions of design banner stands. Let us have a look at various sizes and the categories of banner stands that are available and what purpose do they serve.


There are design banners stand that are useful for targeting a comparatively smaller audience. For example – parties, both formal and informal, community lunches, church gatherings etc. that do not need, or rather, can’t afford extra-large display units. To fit the needs of occasions like such, we have 2X3 banner stands, 2X5 banner stands, 2X6 banner stands, and 2X8 banner stands. These are horizontal banner stands that are basically hung up on walls, or hanged down from ceilings. These generally contain occasion details, titles or random advertisements.

Now if we increase the height of banners to 3 feet, these are generally good for putting up in traffic. Not too small, not too big – these are the ideal sizes to get noticed at random in crowd and in both stationary state and in motion. The sizes of standing banners available for this purpose are 3X3, 3X5 and 3X6 banner stands. These are good to put up in traffic.

Then there are design banner stands of height 4 feet that are perfect for placing in a busy street, on the side of a high – traffic road. This is because, banners of lesser of heights are not that fir to be spotted when someone is driving by really fast or is stuck in a large traffic jam. 4 feet banner stands are perfect for display in an average city square. The widths available with 4 feet are 4X6 and 4X8 banner stands. Moving higher, if someone has to place a banner on a back-drop, the advisable banner stand options in dimensions are 5 feet , 5X8 and 8X3 banner stands. These are fit to put up on big screens, on unicolor wall of a large building and similar places.

In addition to these, there are larger banner sizes that are made to put up on the sides of or overlooking highways, backdrops of large scale concerts, draping over skyscrapers and similar large structures. These are over 10 feet high, and similarly or largely, wide. These are extra durable, and are practically non – vulnerable to almost any climatic hazards or any type of withering.

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Talking about design banner stands, one has to mention silver step banner stands or, retractable banner stands. Retractable banner stands are taking the advertising and marketing fields by the storm. More often than not, people are opting for it rather than traditional banner stands. This is because of the multiple features that give retractable stands an edge over other marketing and show business techniques and equipment. The first of the many things that makes retractable banner stands a preferred choice over other conventional ways of show business marketing is, it is the least expensive of all of them. Combining this fact with other characteristics of retractable stands, leaves us with little surprise about the popularity it has gained in the market over time. Though they come in a variety of sizes, the standard banner size for retractable banner stands is 5 feet. They are, thus, also referred to as 5 feet banner stands. Since these are standing banners, displayed on a support and are erected on a stand, these are also referred to as Standing Banners. The size of a standing banner is an expression, used to refer to 5 feet. It is the same thing as a retractable banner stand.

Now, there are popular banner sizes that are named. The sizes are so commonly used that they were named, so that one should just ask for that particular banner. These came to be known as standard banner sizes. Their sizes are measured in pixels instead of inches. A chart showing popular banner sizes:

We, at BannerStandCA, focus on the customer’s needs and we believe in complete customer satisfaction. We here provide banner stands of the best quality, design and materials that ensure your best interests in marketing and advertising. We have banner of every available standard size, be it any of the above mentioned sizes. We have skilled experts who take utmost care of your advertising and marketing interests, and make sure that you have your banner exactly the way and the place you wanted it to be. We specialize in all the kinds of sizes. Also, we have options to customize your banner size, if template sizes do not match your requirements.

We proudly extend our services in California, LA, Palo Alto, Bay Area, San Francisco, San Hose, Milpitas, South Bay, Santa Clara, Mountain View and Sunnyvale.

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