Creating a Great Trade Show Exhibit Display

trade-show-displays-san-diego-3-imagesTrade show exhibits are the perfect place for marketing your companies’ goods, services and overall business. Your trade show Los Gatos display will serve as a reflection of your business image. It is important that your trade show exhibit displays a high level of quality in its design. To be effective, the visual impact of your trade show display must make a strong first impression and communicate your message in a matter of seconds. From the time trade show attendees see your display you only have a small window period to make that critical impact. This is critical for attracting possible customers to your booth and for obtaining possible sales opportunities.

banner standGetting Started

Before your trade show starts you need to plan out how your booth display will look and what you need. You need to identify your specific needs. Your location in the trade show will determine a lot about what you can do. First find out if you will be in a corner, at the back of the room or near the front entrance. You might be someplace in between. Next you need to look at your budget to see what you can afford for a display. Some displays can be expensive if they are large and somewhat flashy. The next step is looking at your overall objectives for your business. Will you be selling products? How many banner displays will you need? Do you require tables and chairs? It is such issues that need to be addressed before you can design your booth for the trade show.

Types of Exhibit Displays

There are many types of trade show exhibit designs you can possibly use. Deciding which one to use depends largely on what you want to accomplish. To save on finances some companies will use the same displays previously used. Displays can also be rented out. If you really have no issues with budgets and can splurge, then having a custom made display is the way to go. Here are some standard types of exhibition stands and displays. You can choose to use just one variety or use a few in combination for a more effective display. • Pop-up Displays: Feature a light-weight folding frame covered with magnetic-backed fabric, vinyl, or plastic panels. Pop-up displays create curved or angled walls for your exhibit area. • Panel Displays: Consist of fabric-covered rectangular sections that are connected to make a wall. They can be readily adapted to different booth sizes and configurations. • Table-Top Displays: Offer a less-expensive exhibiting option for smaller events and feature a lightweight display that sits on top of a table. These displays usually have three panels with velcro-attached graphics and headlines that can be easily changed and updated. Exhibitors should use brightly colored table covers with logo and/or graphics to add impact to a table-top display. • Retractable Banner Stands: Provides a lightweight, easy method to accent your booth. These banner stands function like a window shade in reverse and can be placed together or in different booth locations based on your design needs. In an exhibition hall, booth areas for displays are created with backdrop drapery, which is typically provided by the venue or event sponsor. However, these pipe and drape systems are quite flexible and many companies use them for other purposes, such as a divider for a large meeting room or attractive background for a speaker. So there is a lot of flexibility when putting together your trade show displays. Review all your needs first. Then review all the available options to see what will work best for you.

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