Avoid hidden costs when purchasing table top displays

briefcase-table-top-displays-imagesAdvertising by any means can be an expensive endeavor. So you want to utilize an advertising method that will be the most cost effective for you or your business. If you are on a tight budget, you want to make sure you know all your costs up front. There is nothing worse than starting out with one amount and ending up pay more than you wanted for services. Using table top displays as a means for advertising is relatively inexpensive. However before you run out and have banners made you need to make sure you are getting the best possible deal for your money.

Once you have decided to purchase a table top display you should do research to get the best possible product at a great price. A few areas to be wary of when it comes to cost are with banner design, material costs and shipping costs. Avoid all and any hidden costs are possible.

Banners come in many types and sizes. There are table top banner, floor length retractable banners and even large back drop banners. The least expensive and most popular is the table top banner. One reason for their popularity is their cost. They can be used just about anywhere and for any purpose.


Before buying a table top display, you need to decide what kind of information you are going to display on it. Of course you will want a nice graphic. This can be anything from a business logo to a picture. Then you will want to add on wording. So here is where this can get pricey. Some businesses will let you have a package deal where you get a graphic and only a certain amount of wording done. However they may charge extra if you want more words on the display or maybe highlighting done or other font changes. Same thing with the graphic they may limit you to one option only for a certain price. But if you want something different like having a larger graphic, they could charge for the larger size. So you want to be clear up front what your banner design costs will be.

A nice quality banner will be made of a good fabric material or a sturdy vinyl material. Each option comes with its own cost. Again you need to be wary of price. A basic fabric may come at a certain price, but let’s say you want something water proof. You may get charged for an extra coating of gloss when this could have been included with another material type.

Depending on where you purchase your banner display from there may be associated shipping costs. If you are within proximity to a location you should save on the shipping expense and do a pick up of your banner. If you need, it to be shipped, check and compare the shipping method charges. Also check to see if you will be charged extra for packing up your banner if it is to be shipped. Vendors can all on all kinds of charges towards shipping.

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